Beowulf And Le Motre d’Arthu

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Compare and Contrast: Beowulf and Le Motre d’Arthur Beowulf, translated by Burton Raffel, is an Anglo-Saxon epic poem, tells of a story of a Swedish hero who comes and saves the Danish people from monsters throughout a long course of history and even gave up his life to defend his people. In Le Motre d’Arthur, written by Thomas Malory, shows the story of a later time in King Arthur’s life in which he fought for his people and was praised and remembered today just like Beowulf. Despite the fantasy in one piece of literature both works of writing feature a group of people who look up to a hero to protect them. In Beowulf, a foreign hero of Denmark, a monster known as Grendel has taken over and caused the Danish people to live in fear after the killing of former king’s warriors, which led Grendel to be around for twelve years until Beowulf came around and slain the beast. Fifty years ahead and now King Beowulf faced a task of killing a dragon. He would “[fight] with fate against him” (724) seeing as his “the ancient blade broke” (727) while striking the dragon’s side. The beloved king would eventually die with “None of his comrades\Came to help him” (745-746) and his “Followers… ran for their lives…” (745-748). King Arthur’s story is also an epic poem which speaks about an honorable leader who will do anything to defend his people. Arthur went off to battle, with his comrades at his side the whole time and is able to defeat his foe, but doing so left him fatally injured, until he is eventually killed. At the end they find a spot in a forest which read, “Here Lies Arthur, the once and Future King”. Both stories conveyed an epic story of a hero who did what they could in their position. Both King’s fought until their death defending off against a foe their people wouldn’t do well with. They also were similar in the way that both men are considered to be the dead

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