Benefits Of The Drinking Age

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Drinking Age The alcohol drinking age is different in many different parts of the world. With so many different backgrounds and ways of life, people with different cultures have different beliefs on the belief of alcohol usage. Until nineteen eighty-five in the United States of America, the drinking age law was only eighteen. However, the National Government passed a law requiring all states to change the drinking age to twenty-one if they wanted to receive federal highway funds. Many people were against this ruling and still are; however, the rational for the change in age was because of the drunk driving accidents, which teens were normally involved in. Many people believe that the drunk accidents by minors today are the result of them not…show more content…
First and foremost, the legal drinking age should be eighteen because when teens turn eighteen they are legally an adult. As an adult, a person should be trusted to make responsible decisions and not over do it. Secondly, the drinking age should be eighteen because of a lower drinking age would decrease the amount of underage drinking and limit how much trouble young people can get into. Lastly, the drinking age should be eighteen because liquor stores could charge younger people more taxes for alcohol which would help fund state programs. Some effects of a lower drinking age could also include increased health benefits. Many studies say that when used in moderation, alcohol can be good for a person. As stated by Jonah Lehrer, “Longitudinal studies have consistently shown that people who don’t consume any alcohol at all tend to die before other people who do” (Lehrer). Many studies prove that this statement is correct. People who drink alcohol tend to live longer and have fewer health issues than people who do not. Alcohol just like tobacco, junk food, and any other thing is not detrimental to ones health when used in moderation. A major example on why our government should lower the drinking age to eighteen is due to other countries, namely European ones. Pretty much all European countries have drinking ages of eighteen or even lower. And all of these countries tend to have less problems and drunk driving accidents than America does. This is because these kids are introduced to alcohol at a young age and learn to control themselves and build an early tolerance to alcohol. The kids are therefore more mature than American kids and learn how to show responsibility at a young
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