Lowering Legal Drinking Age to 18

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Briona Salata June 07, 2013 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Lowering the legal drinking age in the United States. There are many different factors in favor of and against lowering the legal drinking age in the United States. There are many different reasons, facts and opinions for and against the subject of whether or not the legal drinking age in the United States should be lowered. This is a controversy in which many people have different views. One reason that for why the legal drinking age should be lowered is that the legal age to become responsible as an adult is at eighteen. At eighteen you are given the right to vote. You are also given the choice to join the army. You can sign contracts, get married, and buy tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars). You can serve on a jury, be prosecuted as an adult, and legally adopt. They are given all of these rights and responsibilities. Another reason is that there has been statistics that show that other countries, like Europe, have less or equal as many problems with drunk drivers of an age under 21. It is also known in Italy that they start to drink at a young age maybe a glass of wine with dinner. This method helps the children to know how to behave with alcohol and also does not give them the urge to sneak around and act a fool with alcohol. The third reason is that traffic accidents and deaths will occur no matter what the legal drinking age is. There are many adults over 21 that get DUI’s or that have been in accidents. It is due to being irresponsible with the alcohol age may have nothing to do with it. The fourth reason is if the drinking age was lowered it would make drinking more of a social, normal, and casual thing. It would give adults a chance to teach young adults how to drink responsible and in moderation. This could result in making alcohol less appealing to young adults and may cut
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