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Being a Muslim How can one define itself as being a Muslim? It is simply by wearing a hijab, praying five times a day or perhaps even fasting during the month of Ramadan? While all these may indeed be deeds of remembrance for a Muslim, they are actions which have been manifested exteriorly because of one’s inner faith in the One and His messenger (peace be upon him). I have been blessed to have been born and raised as a Muslim. Of course, living up to behave like a Muslim has been a struggle due to the Western Society I belong to, nevertheless, Islam has provided be with the gateways to heaven that came with a manual which enlisted the do’s and don’ts in order to succeed as a Muslim. Among these, I’d like to specifically point out how wearing the hijab draws me closer to my lord each day. Yes, wearing the hijab remains as my favorite aspect of being a Muslim and I’ll explain to you why. The hijab has become a shield of protection for me which has helped me combat so much of what it not permissible. More than a simple peace of cloth, it almost feels like a guardian who never seems to fail at reminding me of my duties and the greatness of Allah (swt). It increases my confidence as I feel that it is a pathway to please my lord. Friends, family, colleagues whether Muslim or not, know that the hijab is an identity of a modest woman with whom they must keep limits. This has been one of the best returns of wearing a hijab as my efforts are recognized by others and their understanding has helped me only better myself. Moving on to perhaps something that is on the other end of my list of favorites, I’d have to say that the lack of opportunities which are available to Muslim women in East often seems unfair. Indeed, the woman in Islam has been entrusted with various responsibilities, but various women of my generation especially, have ambitions which exceed what various

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