Democratization: The American Revolution

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Ashley Hebron Final Exam Essay 5/4/12 American Revolution The concept of democratization was a very powerful tool in the building of our country and through the American Revolution. Our American Revolution was so different because it didn’t involve regime change but the creation of an entirely new nation and the adoption of a democracy. The idea of democracy really took hold during the American Revolution. Once the colonies broke away from England in 1776, the colonies attempted to use the ideas of democracy but quickly realized that it would be difficult to give every person a direct say in how things should be handled. One of our founding fathers, James Madison, decided that a republic democracy was more attainable with a country…show more content…
Our diversity of religion results in people of different faiths or no faith living in one country peacefully. This is somewhat unsusual in the world and makes us a stronger country. The rest of the world looks to us with amazement that such diverse faiths can practice their religion in harmony. With this freedom we can have the luxury of great religious leaders inspiring their people and helping our country be stronger. During the American Revolution, our founding fathers were of different religions like Quakers, Methodists, Baptists and other religions. This could have been a problem but their desire for democracy outweighed the religious differences. Each religion could see that in our new democracy that their religious leaders’ voices were being heard. I think that this was an important part of country being united in our desire to be free. Many of the new colonies were settled people who faced religious persecution for their beliefs in England. And I think as our country grew, many immigrants were drawn to our country because of its religious freedoms and diversity. Our democracy guarantees that no one can be treated differently because of their religion. Right now, we have a Mormon Mitt Romney running for president and we have people of different faiths in government. Sometimes there is still prejudice but overall all that we have freedom of religion that really is a great tool to help our country be
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