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The Koran Cesar Puentes REG/133 12/03/2012 William Gillespie The Koran On this paper I will give a brief overview of what the Koran is and the contents that are in it. I will give a brief history of the Koran and those who are believed to be involved in writing it. Also, I will then give my opinion on what I have learned and how I feel about the Koran. I kept an open mind reading the Koran despite what the media and extremist say about the Koran. Just like the Christians believe in the Bible and the Jews believe in Torah, the Koran is the sacred book of Islam. The Koran is the holy and sacred book of over 300 million Muslims around the world. The Koran was first written in Arabic soon after the death of the prophet Mohammed in about…show more content…
The Koran also teaches believers how to be good and live good lives. The Koran also prohibits the consumptions of alcohol and pork. Also, what I found interesting is that the Koran talks about women rights and how also it seems that women are lesser than men in some versus. I am still confused how the Koran speaks highly of women but then go on about how one man is the worth of two women. The versus I read seemed to be written in a poetic style that was a bit difficult to understand at times but overall it does have nice words that teaches Muslims how to be good people and…show more content…
Reading some versus from the Koran I really felt as if I was in a different time because of the vocabulary. Although it was similar to the Bible it was still a little different and at times difficult to understand. I was also left confused about how inconsistent the rights or women were. Some versus complimented them and some versus degraded them. Overall the Koran teaches its believers to be good people and it has very good core values I found inspiring. I found extremely interesting on how the Koran was written. It seemed that three powerful figures were involved in the Koran; Allah, The angel Gabriel and the Prophet Mohammed. That in itself is a topic I would like to read more about. What we see in the world today is how Allah is an important factor in the Islam religion. Mohammed is a key figure that we read about as well. Both Allah and Mohammed are loved by their followers and they are very passionate about it. Regardless of how extremist may twist the words around and how the media portrays some Muslims, there is no doubt that the Islam religion has very loving, caring and passionate

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