Persuasive Essay On Religion In Australia

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I am writing in regards to your proposed bill to ban the financial and political support to any religion in Australia, as you believe there is no evidence that religions make a significant contribution to the individual or to Australian society. However, many people in Australia would disagree with this statement, as all religions, specifically monotheistic religions "the belief in one God” which have the central values of family, charity, and respect for others are believed by more than halve the Australian population. Throughout history, these religions have spread, and brought a sense of togetherness among all Australians. “In a world where material values seem to be dropping out of sight, there is a growing realization that religion is…show more content…
Growing up many Australians have been witnesses to the great things religion can bring to a society. Religious devotions and practices like Baptism, Eid, Bar Mitzvahs help us develop our understanding of other cultures and brings us closer as a wider community. They also reflect what it means to be a good person. For example the five pillars of Islam, more precisely the third pillar Zakat (almsgiving) teaches us that Religion not only considers the needs of its own community, but the needs of the people around the world, and have put organisations in place to help these people. Organisations like Caritas and St Vincent De Paul have realised that to be a good Christian, Muslim, or Jewish person you must also help others and not expect anything in return. “One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, And He will repay him for his good deed”. In conclusion, Australia has freedom today because of the guidance and influence that religion has had on our society and individuals. It has taught us to seek purpose in life, gives us comfort, gives answers to the unexpected and provides the framework for a person’s life. Therefore, I compel you to continue your support of religions in Australia, as they have contributed gallantly to society and individuals and have compelled us to “ihsan” (realise) “amen” (believe), “amal” (hope) and “tfgl” (act) in the right and just
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