Before We Were Free Quote Response

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“Before We Were Free” Quote Response In English class we recently read the book Before We Were Free by Julia Alverez. Before we were free is about life and the struggles with dictatorship in the Dominican Republic. It tells the story of a young girl named Anita whose father was the one who changed the Dominican forever. He’s one of the men who died for his country to free everyone else of Trujillo, the terrible dictator. Anita was already struggling with life, becoming a teenager and on top of that she had to grow up even faster. She had to keep secrets and lie to people about things she didn’t know about. She had to live in fear of her country’s leader, the one who is supposed to protect you, in her own house. Many terrible things happened, her family got deported and she got relocated to the United States. Julia Alvarez believes that it is the duty of those who survived the struggle to provide stories for everyone else about the ones who did not. She stated in her Authors note that “it is the responsibility of those who survive the struggle for freedom to give testimony, to tell the story in order to keep alive the memory of those that died”. There have been many tragic events in history that we wouldn’t know very much about if the people, who survived it, didn’t tell the horror stories they went through. One major event in history that changed the world forever was the Holocaust. The holocaust was one of the most damaging events that affected the entire world and is still affecting it today. It started because of a man named Adolf Hitler. He was the supreme power of Germany. Hitler believed that the blonde haired blue eyed Germans were the superior race and everyone else was inferior. He tortured and killed millions of people, but he targeted the Jewish people because he thought of them worthless. He created concentration camps for the Jews; he made them
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