The Role Of Racism And Prejudice In The Holocaust

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Racism and prejudice have been going on for years, but what will never be forgotten is the time when the entire Jewish population went under an almost complete genocide. After the war the Germans sought for a way out of bankruptcy and starvation until one day they found it. Adolf Hitler turned the Germans against the Jewish and used them as a scapegoat out of their problem. The Germans believed that they were the superior race so they used many methods to kill the Jews such as shooting, starving, overworking and even gassing. Even though people remember the Holocaust, racism and prejudice are in a fight to be stopped. ''The final solution to the Jewish problem'' is what Hitler and Himler called it. Both together devised a…show more content…
They cut off all their hair and left them bald. Everything that the Jews used to have was taken away in a matter of moments. There have always been racism, discrimination, and prejudice, but the Holocaust has impacted people everywhere more than any other genocides in the world.''Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it''-George Santayona. Many people have repeated the same thing. Some examples are Sadam of Iraq, Musollini and Castro. Sadam killed people because they weren't on his side, Musollini turned Jews into Hitler to be killed. Castro isolated Cuba and killed millions of people. All of these people were fascist their beliefs were that of almost communist and almost democratic. The Rhonda genocide also killed millions of kids just for pleasure.''The definition of history is used to reflect and not make the same mistakes again''- anonymous.In the USA many people still discriminate against Arabics,

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