Becoming a Physician Assistant

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"What do you want to be when you grow up?" This question is asked to every child, teenager, and young adult. For some it is a never-ending quest to find the answer, but for others it was always clear. Luckily I fall into the latter category. Many of my earliest memories are of being by my mother's side at the clinic in town. As the son of a registered nurse I had the privilege to get to be back behind those wooden doors instead of sitting in the lobby. As I grew up I loved just sitting at my mom's desk and watching the doctors and physician assistants interact with the patients. I can still remember the first time that a patient walked out of the exam room, wiped away a tear and hugged Dr. Karber. It was at that exact moment I realized what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people the same way these people did. As I went through high school my passion only grew as I spent more and more time at the clinic and around the staff. So off to college I went to realize my dream. Unfortunately though, somewhere while attending college that passion began to stall. At the conclusion of my time in college I found myself at a crossroad and really questioning whether this was what I really wanted or if I had just glorified the whole dream and healthcare field. I made the decision that if my heart was not in it completely, I could not go through with pursuing it. For the next five years I bounced from job to job convincing myself that the next one would be the one I would fall in love with. After continued talks with my mother the question changed from "what do you want to be," to "what is going to make you happy?" As I tried to answer that question I began to remember that original passion in my life. Throughout my other jobs I always continued reading about the new advancements in healthcare and it was here that I realized I had never really lost that passion. As a result I

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