Beach Burial Judith Slessor Analysis

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The desire for superiority and domination has plagued the twentieth century by power struggles between nations in the form of wars and large numbers of casualties. Over the centuries, poetry has endeavoured to communicate human emotions and ideas. Some present a glorified war in order to portray their love and patriotic attitude to their audience. Such a view is presented in “The Soldier” by Rupert Brooke. Quite alternatively, some poems demonstrate a more realistic representation of war such as Kenneth Slessor’s poem “Beach Burial” and the first excerpt from the film production ‘Saving Private Ryan’ which encapsulate the futility of war and the intolerable atrocities on innocent lives. These texts all demonstrate how the attitude towards war…show more content…
The transition from the clear blue skies at the cemetery to a dull, moody setting in the middle of an ocean along with the diegetic sound of ocean waves foreshadows the hardship the soldiers may have to face. The use of auditory visceral techniques to portray the sound of the soldiers vomiting as well as the weak body condition of the soldiers as evident from their prominent cheekbones and fragile hands portray the horror experience of war. The hopelessness of the US troops was depicted as the men were shot as they sit in the boat which portrays a strong, powerful image of the enemy. The notion of anonymous enemy further depicts the idea of the hopelessness and ambiguity of war. The diegetic sound of the bullets hitting against the soldier’s chest, helmets and the metal of the boat provokes an emotional response from the audience. As well as that, visual visceral imagery was a technique widely used in the opening scene in representing the true nature and horror of war which can be related to the days of torture in the medieval times, when people were eviscerated for their crimes and wrongdoings. An example of this use if when the soldier picks up his disjointed arm by his foot, portraying a pitiful image as he relies on his instincts to take back what belongs to
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