How Do Different Poem Portray Different Attitudes to War

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How do different poems portray different attitudes to war? Wilfred Owens’s poem ‘’Dulce et decorum est’’, aims to transmit the human elements and the reality and irony of war, or as he said ‘’ my object is war and the pity of war, the poetry is in the pity’’. Owen portrays the idea of war as a cause of physical and spiritual mutilation. Jessie popes poem ‘’ who’s for the game?’’ attempts to encourage young man to go and fight at war. All through out the poem she is trying to put pressure on those who don’t want to go to war. Her poem is opposing to Wilfred owen’s ‘’Dulce et decorum est’’, the two poets had an enormous dislike and rivality for each other. Just by reading the poems title ‘’Dulce et decorum est’’ the reader understands its referring to the irony and pity of war. Meanwhile ‘’who’s for the game?’’ transmits a more relaxed and fun sense. The theme of ‘’Dulce et decorum est’’. Has been established form the very first line ‘’ Bent double like old beggars under sacks’’, is a metaphor established to convey there’s no nobility and honor in war or fighting for your country. Here the poet has made an illusion to Homers poem ‘’The Iliad’’, which talks about the nobility of dying in war. But instead the author has written the poem to accurately describe the misery and terror soldiers had to live with, he wanted people to see the real truth behind war and stop them from telling future generations the ‘’old lie’’ that it is sweet and honorable to die for ones country. ‘‘Who’s for the game?’’ is attempting to evoke the opposite to the above; the poem refers to dying in battlefields as glorious and impressive. Here pope has referred to war as a ‘’game’’. The main theme here is trying to convince soldiers and the community that war is nothing to worry about and that it would soon be over. Pope is depicting war as something positive and exiting. The poem

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