Anthem For Doomed Youth

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Anthem For Doomed Youth is a sonnet written by Wilfred Owen about the realities of war. Wilfred Owen was a soldier during WW1 and therefore understands fully the true experiences of war. He was against war and was appalled by the effects of war on people and their families. The purpose of the poem is to inform the public of the true realities of war and how young men where dying needlessly. This was because during war times the media would tell the public that the war going great and that the men where doing just fine, but this obviously just wasn’t true. In this essay I will analyze this poem and reveal the realities of war through a variety of writing techniques. I will also give my personal opinion on the poem and how it is written. The poem is split into two parts, one part contains eight lines and the second part contains six lines. In the first eight lines (octet) a question is asked in the first line and answered in the remaining seven lines. The poet also uses the same technique in the sestet, asking a question in the first line and answering it in the remaining five lines. The first part, the octet, focus’ on the realities of war on the battlefield, giving us an experience of what it is like to see and hear the disturbing sounds and visuals. The second part, the sestet, focus’ on the effects that the war had on the families of the soldiers. In this poem Wilfred Owen describes many of the harsh sounds of war on the battlefield. It starts off with a question, “What passing-bells for those who die as cattle?” The question contains a simile, “die as cattle”. This refers to the soldiers being treated as cattle and creates an image of cattle being slaughtered in huge numbers. Nobody mourns the death of cattle; similarly, a soldier’s death was one of little meaning. This has a great effect on what you think about the poem and the war. The poet then begins
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