Wilfred Owen Poems - Texts Have the Power to Shape Our Perception of the World

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Isabelle Moran English Speech Wilfred Owen “Texts have the power to shape our perception of the world” This statement is demonstrated in Wilfred Owens poem’s Mental Case and Disabled. Through these poems’ Owen exposes and explores the reality of war by using his own terrifying experiences on the battle field to influence individuals perspectives on war. Owen’s poem mental case, a powerful poem, captures the damage to mens’ minds due to war. Owen utilises language and form to shock and describe in detail the appalling physical symptoms of mental torment. Through the title Owen displays men that were in their prime turn into wrecks. The men in the poem are stripped from humanity as the opening references them as ‘these’ and ‘they’ representing them as one, not individuals. The rhetorical question in the first line already initiates an intellectual response from the reader. Their nameless state establishes those whose mental health was crushed by the experiences endured during the wartime. ‘Who, wherefore’ and ‘why’ utilises a questioning tone demanding a response and showing the similarities between the terrors of mental break down and war. ‘Wherefore’ emphasises archaic language which helps establish the moral conclusions of their condition. Owen paints a graphic visual image through his poetry of the men who suffered from shell shock. This allows the readers to visualise the trauma the men went through. “Teeth that leer like skulls teeth wicked” is a simile that links the alive to the dead emphasising how they are not really living, but however are not dead. In the second and third line of stanza two Owen uses the accumulated effect of repeating words beginning with ‘m’. This allowed the audience to make the link between the horrific war experiences and slaughter “they once witnessed” to what they are now. The

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