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Bcom275 Denostrative Communication Essay

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Demonstrative Communication
Each day we respond to many nonverbal cues and behaviors.   These include things such as postures, facial expressions, eye gazes, gestures, and tone of voice.   Even our handshakes and hairstyles are nonverbal details that reveal who we are and impact how we relate to others.   In fact, 93% of communication is demonstrative or nonverbal communication (Kita 2003).   Demonstrative communication can be summed up in three categories: body, physiology, and nonverbal.   It can be effective or ineffective, positive or negative, and involves both listening and responding.   The many obstacles, hurdles, and complexities that result in ineffective or negative communication are called demonstrative communication barriers and can lead to the misunderstandings and misperceptions of the message the sender is attempting to convey.   One must understand the demonstrative communication barriers to learn how to remove them and make communication effective or positive.
Noise is one of the greatest of these barriers.   It is considered an external communication barrier because receivers may misinterpret the meaning of the sender’s message in a noisy atmosphere.   For example, teachers may find it difficult to properly deliver their lectures in a noisy classroom.   Instead, they prefer silence so that they are fully able to convey their message into the minds of the students.
Wrong interpretations are another major barrier to positive or effective communication.   If the sender fails to convey his or her message properly, the receivers may interpret it the wrong way.   The misunderstandings that occur can lead to negative communication.   Wrong interpretations can also affect the foundations of relationships.   It is imperative for the receivers to give proper feedback so that the sender is able to remove any misunderstandings or doubts.
Another demonstrative communication barrier is the action of ignoring the content of the message.   It is the content of the message...

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