Barries To Effective Communication Essay

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Barriers to Effective Communication CJA/304 Barriers to Effective Communication In this paper we will discuss the process of communication and its components. We will also have an overview of differences between hearing and listening in communication. This paper will also discuss formal and informal channels of communication in criminal justice organizations. The paper will review the various channels of communication. We will have an overview of informal and formal channels within the criminal justice system. Also discuss is different barriers of communication and how to overcome these barriers. Effective communication is important for the success of any relationship be it a job or home. Communication can be oral or written. Communication is also a process involving several steps, among two or more persons, for the primary reason of exchanging information. This process also requires sending an idea and receiving the idea. Then there is a understanding of the idea, and then provide feedback to the message sender. Written communication can be difficult to perfect as oral provides the necessary feedback that the information was understood. There are different types of channels and directions of communication. Channel is defined as the direction to which the information is being directed. The two different types of channels are informal and formal. Formal channels are coming from the top of an agency. Informal channels are explained as gossip or any unofficial route. Formal channels in law eforcemnet are important due to the fact that it provides uniformity. It establishes a paper trail when needed in court. It ensures that everyone receives the information. Direction of information can be downward and upward. Downward information is information that travels from managers to subordinates. This direction of communication can be of 3 categories. The

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