Bang Bang, Are Guns Safe?: Sarah Thompson Emphasiz

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Joshua Castillo Bang Bang, Are Guns Safe?: Sarah Thompson Emphasizes They Are! Rhetorical Analysis December 04, 2011 110C: English Composition I #10990 Word Count: 1616 I Joshua Castillo adhere to Old Dominions Honor Code in the submission of this essay. Imagine walking to your car late at night, being mugged, left helpless, broke, hurt, or possibly dead! In Sarah Thompson's article "Concealed Carry Prevents Violence", Thompson argues for concealed weaponry to be legalized. Thompson supports her thesis using myths and the history of gun in America to illustrate the opposition's argument. Through this article, Thompson reasons and provides explanations why concealed weapons are illegal. The author provides research to suggest why guns are useful and safe. Thompson did a good job of making her argument persuasive with her use of the three persuasive pathologies. The three persuasive pathologies; credibility, emotional appeal, and reasoning, are used to draw in the audience to believe the author. Providing documented studies and researched information will help give the author credibility. Respected people tend to be more credible as well. For example, the educated, the heroes, the icons, and those with a good head on their shoulders are always more believable. Any author that can play on the emotions of the heart, has a golden technique in the art of persuasion. Using emotional appeal can and will enhance one's argument. Of the appealing writing techniques, the ability to reason is the most important. Logos is a Greek word that refers to the internal consistency of a piece of literature. It allows the writer to back up their content with useful facts. It also gives the writer a chance to absorb the opposition's argument in hopes of building a counter-argument. Thompson describes how guns use to be socially acceptable to carry. Racism,

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