Aztec Beliefs

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The Aztec were definitely the most thriving rule of horror in the world, they carried out mass murder and staged as a proud feat of human massacre, they recorded the massacre (1)"in an orgy of death imagery". Archaeological evidence has shown successful records of the Aztec culture and their beliefs, and part of it was human sacrifice. Numerous of Archaeological evidence showed that the remains of the Aztec civilization provide a great deal of information about Aztec principal beliefs and their culture. It happens to be one of the most interesting and unique cultures and beliefs of ancient time and its past remains also provide a great deal of information about the beliefs and culture, which has so much to offer for those who are prepared to…show more content…
The Aztec's were a tribe that expanded by conquering other tribes, which made them superior than other tribes. One of the key aspects for the Aztecs were their beliefs, which gave them a sense of direction and hope. The other tribes had feared the Aztecs because of how their belief system worked, as some of the things they believed included sacrifice of humans, animals, plants and various substances. Aztecs believed that the world was a flat surface and divided in five eras and each of those eras was governed by a different deity. They also believed that the previous eras had ended with destruction by natural hazards. The era they believed to have lived was the finial era and was supposed to end in same fate. One of the many beliefs of Aztec is that the human body was believed to contain three souls, or a spiritual entities, which could be strengthened or weakened during a person's lifetime. The Aztecs worshipped over 1000 gods, so they are seen as polytheistic, each of those Gods had status and had individual skills, needs, desires and stories. Often these Gods are seen same as humans in their personality trait wise, they hold individual powers, abilities and perception. These Gods had specific roles to fulfil and depended on these Gods for their own needs. For example, Tlaloc, he was the God of rain and water, he would send rain to help Aztec to grow their plants and…show more content…
(2)"Life is because of the gods; with their sacrifice they gave us life" Aztec people believed the Gods controlled every aspect of a person including their life from his or her birth to death. In other words they believed their Gods were the key to their survival. Since they believe, that only because of their Gods they exist in this world, they had to delight the Gods. Therefore the Aztecs conducted many ceremonies to gratify their Gods and they thought that if they please the Gods, in return they would receive good harvests, good weather, secure and easier life. They never out looked their God nor took them for granted. Aztecs put every ounce of faith and hard work just to satisfy their Gods by building stunning and grand temples and drawing pictures that told a story about their gods. The Aztecs cultures and beliefs that were once lost are shown by the evidence found by archaeologists. This is backed up by the evidence that was conducted in Mexico City, around the time of Aztecs, around 500 years ago. They found evidences of 43 skeletons, the archaeologists found this evidence at the steps of Templo R. platform. This finding was extremely important because it is a progression of providing proof that the Aztec actually sacrificed humans and they celebrated festivals and ceremonies. The greater part of skeletons were found

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