Automotive Navigation System (Ans)

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1. General Description of the Information System Title Automotive Navigation System (ANS) General Description The automotive navigation system is nowadays used in many cars. Latest high tech cars; the navigation system is being included or fixed. This automotive navigation system is used to store (input) and process (output) the information. Using the road databases, the system provides direction or road way map to other place that we want to reach. Moreover, the latest navigation system is built-in with many extra features. Users (or Other Information Systems) and User Functions Users • To ask about the information of direction or map to other locations. • To check the distance of the location that we want to reach. • Some navigation system can track the when exceeding speeding limit in certain places to avoid breach of law. • Some navigation system also has the anti-theft car tracking system which will show the current location of the car to the owner. • It also corrects the driver if he or she going in the wrong way. Instance • There are many companies that are producing or manufacturing navigation system; such as Alpine Electronics Inc, Atek Medical Manufacturing LLC, Asim Communication Ptd Ltd and many more. • The variety of automotive navigation system (ANS) can be bought in car accessories shops, electronic shops and electronic devices shops. Not All the navigation system included with the region map. • Buying region map or direction or navigation is required. We need to download the needed region’s or country’s map through internet or can be bought from the shop which they usually sell separately as optional. Need to often update to the latest version of the map, as the new road, buildings, petrol stations and etc constructed. • Apart from that, nowadays, many luxury and high-tech cars have built-in navigation system. For example, BMW,

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