Gs1140 Unit 1 Research Paper 1 Paradigm Shift

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Unit 1 Paradigm Shift GS1140 Problem Solving Theory Unit 1 Research Paper 1: Paradigm Shift How will new Automobile Technology will affect us ITT Tech Student Abstract Over ten years ago the only fancy gadget cars had was the AM/FM CD player radio. Nowadays having all sorts of gadgets to achieve worldwide online connectivity seems to be the nowadays selling point. Technology was not the selling point back then because the drive train, engine and transmission were more important. Safety was not a main concern, just having good enough brakes was sufficient for most drivers. Car safety devices and sensors are now all interconnected in a network within the car, multiple air bags system, better restraining seat belts systems, rear view camera, wireless communications and proximity sensors, just to name a few of the integrated standard technologies that most cars will include. Automobile Technology Most cars regardless of its price come loaded with new technologies as compared with cars from over 20 years ago. New cars will include new different and improved technologies, multiple computers are already in most cars and more will be added as new designs are being developed. 20 years ago most cars were equipped with minimum computerized systems, the only computer usually found on most cars was controlling the fuel injection systems. The only innovative gadget was CD players included in most upgraded models. “Thanks to on-board computers that operate everything from the stereo and navigation to the brakes and accelerator, the era of "big data" is coming to the automobile. Like their deskbound brethren, these rolling computers produce an enormous amount of data – mostly about people's behavior behind the wheel – that can be analyzed to spot trends and fight inefficiencies. And thanks to this data, your car may soon know where you want to go before you even

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