Atticus Finch Essay

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Heroism at its Finest: Atticus Finch Atticus Finch, not just a small town lawyer and a father of two, but also a hero. “[A hero is] a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities”. Atticus has displayed many heroic achievements and qualities throughout the extent of this novel, and three reasons are that he defended a black man in a period of time that is filled with racism, he protected Tom and many other people with his own life at risk, and he had the courage and strength to handle problems without physical force. Atticus Finch has done one thing that is unspeakable in his period of time, he defended a black man. Atticus did not only defend a black man but he had the courage and strength to try and defend him. All other lawyers would have either not taken the case or would have, but not tried at all and let an innocent man die. But Atticus was different; he was one of the few white people that believed that black people are equal to white people. The black community thought of Atticus as a great man, and he was very much respected in the black community. After the court case when Atticus was leaving, the community of black people rose in respect of his heroic actions in which he presented in defending Tom. As the crowd rose Reverend Sykes said to scout “Miss Jean Louise, stand up. Your father’s passin,” (pg 211). Many people would argue, saying that he is not a hero and he was just doing his job, but I would disagree. Atticus was not only doing his job, he was trying to prove a very important point. He wanted everyone to realize the all people were equal and should be treated equal. It didn’t matter what color skin they have or what language they speak, all people are equal. Related to my last point, Atticus did not just defend Tom in court; Atticus put his life on the line to protect Tom from mobs. When Tom
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