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Multiple Choice: Read each question and select the correct answer. 1. A company wants to use a psychological test to screen for emotional stability for a sensitive position. Which of the following tests is the best choice for the company to use? a. Cognitive Assessment System b. Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV) c. Woodcock-Johnson d. Sixteen Personality Factors (16PF) 2. ________ testing uses ambiguous or unstructured testing stimuli to which a person responds freely to the testing stimuli. ________ is an example of this type of testing. a. Objective; MMPI b. Projective; TAT c. Functional; NEO-PI-R d. Intelligence; Stanford-Binet 3. Which of the following is a multicultural issue for any of the psychological instruments customarily used in the United States? a. Level of acculturation b. Preconceived notions c. Theoretical orientation d. Distortion of information 4. One of the common concerns associated with IQ testing is that a. a wide variety of human behaviors is being measured b. a person's performance is compared against others’ performances c. testing is used to learn about cognitive strengths and weaknesses d. there is a possibility of racial bias 5. Intellectual testing is used to measure intelligence and to assess a. emotional well-being b. confidence levels c. cognitive functioning d. social aptitude skills 6. Harry is a 7-year-old boy who is experiencing problems with receptive language. He seems to understand some but not all of what is said to him. His verbal and nonverbal responses are sometimes inappropriate. His parents and teachers want more information about Harry’s cognitive functioning. The most appropriate test to assess Harry is the a. Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Fourth Edition (WISC) b. Million Clinical Multiaxial Inventories (MCMI) c. Sixteen
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