Assignment 204 Task B Essay

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Report A – Two support workers were moving a service user from a bed to a chair using a hoist. They placed the hoist sling underneath the service user and then attached it to the hoist. Whilst the hoist was stationary one of the support workers turned away to pick up the service users slippers and as a result the service user fell forward out of the sling to the ground. The service user suffered bruising and a cut to their head and an ambulance was called. The service user spent 10 days in the local hospital but sadly passed away. It was later found that the sling loop fixings were wrongly adjusted and a safety pommel was not used. In this report the support workers were lacking in training and guidance to use the hoist from the company they worked for. One support worker was not focused on the task of the service user being in hoist as she took on another task to get the slippers which meant she wasn't aware of what the service user was doing. If the correct equipment was used and adjusted properly then that would have prevented the fall and death of this service user. When assisting a service user with a task whether it be small or large we always need to carry out the task using the correct equipment, and the correct members of staff to be present. Also our full attention should be on the task at all times and aware of what the service user is doing and what is happening around them. If support workers do not do this we are putting the service user in danger and making the change of falls or injuries possible. Support workers should always carry out a visual check of the equipment prior to using and if a problem arises should not be used and reported to the relevant person. Report B – Steven Hoskins was a 39 year old man with learning disabilities who suffered horrendous abuse which resulted in his death in July 2006 in St Austell, Cornwall. Hoskins

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