Assess the Influence of a Recent National Policy Initiative Promoting Anti-Discriminatory Practice (M2)

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Assess the influence of a recent national policy initiative promoting anti-discriminatory practice (M2) In this assignment, I am going to assess the influences of a recent national policy which promotes anti-discriminatory practice. There are several national policies and legislations in place to make sure that individual’s are not discriminated against due to their circumstances. One of these is the Age Discrimination Act 2006. Age discrimination, or ‘ageism’, is defined by personnel today as “any prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of age”. When we talk of age discrimination in a work place, this is generally where someone has missed out on the opportunity to get a job on the grounds of their age, whether they are thought of as too old or too young. The Age Discrimination Act 2006 requires that all employment practices are based on skills and competences, rather than the age of the person. Not only does this policy have rules regarding getting employed, it has rules that must be followed when the employee is working. So, if an individual feels that they are being treated differently because of their age, they are able to make a complaint against that staff member/colleague and/or sue them. A strength of the Age Discrimination act is that when employers are looking for new staff members, they will employ staff based on how suited they are to the job. Sometimes, when employers don’t think that someone of an older age will be the best for the job, this can be a mistake. In some cases, the applicant who is slightly older might be better for the job as it might mean that they have more skills to offer for the job. In a health and social care profession, looking after the service users is the main priority of any care professional. For this type of job, the amount of skill a person has is absolutely paramount. This act ensures that people will be employed
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