Assess the Importance of Wwi in the Development of Canadian Identity

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Assess the importance of WWI in the development of Canadian identity. WWI as been the first modern warfare with new technology and long range of land and time involved has caused nearly twelve to fifteen million casualties. Canada as one of the Allied Forces had learned the harsh reality of war. Over the four years of the war and four significant battles, Canadian’s population was greatly depleted. Nevertheless, WWI is still an important opportunity and lesson for Canada to develop its own identity internationally and nationally. Canadian identity has deeply developed on international stage in WWI through the four significant battles: Second Battle of Ypres, Battle of the Somme, Battle of Vimmy Ridge and Passchendaele. Before WWI started, there is very little Canadian identity internationally. At that time, as a newly formed country, Canada had no flag, no anthem, and no age-old history. Most Canadians identified themselves as British, because the majority population and influence in culture came from British. As a colony of British Empire in history, Canada still kept its strong tie to Britain. Internationally, Canada had been seen as a part of British. Especially in major wars, such as Boer War, Canada would send their solider to help British army but never participated as Canadians. Because of the lack of international identity, Canadian units are divided and placed among other reputable Allied units. However, Canadian army fights bravely and cunningly in the war with success, showing Canadian ability to the world and obtaining great honor around the world. Among many battles Canadian had fought, Second Battle of Ypres, Battle of the Somme, Battle of Vimmy Ridge and Passchendaele are the most significant one. The Second Battle of Ypres is one of the bloodiest battles fought in WWI. Nearly six thousand Canadians were killed or injured. It
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