Battle of Vimy Ridge

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The Battle of Vimy Ridge Canada’s involvement in WWI has definitely shaped the country’s reputation to the world. The Canadian soldiers of WWI in many events, showed dedication and courage to their nation. The roles they took on during the war are highly noted and their contributions will never be forgotten. Although there are many important events that occurred during the Great War, Canada’s successful takeover of Vimy Ridge in April 1917 is by far one of the most significant events in Canadian history because this was a defining moment that showed Canada emerging from the shadow of Britain, showed persistent courage and unified the Canadian troops. Canada’s victory over Vimy Ridge from the German Troops signified a first step to the independence of the country. Since Vimy Ridge was a difficult location to capture, many previous countries had failed at doing so. Canada was a colony of Britain and they were not seen as independent so their ability to conquer this battle was very impressive which resulted in this battle being one of the most high points of Canadian military accomplishments throughout WWI. The accomplishment was very well respected by other countries of the world and was a stepping stone in creating a separate international reputation of Canada. Even though the country was under Britain’s leadership, Britain had no involvement in this battle which made it Canada’s very own victory. The successful battle of Vimy Ridge also gave Britain a new perspective of Canada which resulted in Canada having a separate representation at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 (thecanadianencyclopedia). Since the League of Nations was part of the agreement in the Treaty, Canada would have a position of membership within the League as well. The battle was led on by the British General Julian Byng and under the power of him, Canadian General Arthur Currie. Soon after the
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