Shattered City: A Halifax Explosion

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“Shattered City” is one of the most significant and appealing piece of Canadian history. It is a narrative story of how a tragic incident took place at the height of First World War which became a living metaphor for the worldwide conflict and how Halifax arose from the ashes after severe destruction and devastation. This movie is directed to illustrate the fatal event that took place on early hours of December 6th, 1917 between the period of First World War (1914-1918) which killed more than 2,000 people, injured 9,000 more and completely destructed the northern part of the city of Halifax by flattening two square kilometers of northern Halifax. It is the retelling of an almost forgotten event in Canadian history. On December 6th,1917, the Mount Blanc, a French-owned freighter loaded with thousands of tons of TNT, collided with a Belgian relief ship and exploded in the Halifax harbor. It was the largest man-made explosion before Hiroshima. The movie had a lot of topics to cover as the contents of the event were quite vast, the movie successfully covered it. It showed all the events in sequential order and dramatized it as it was taking place live in front of us. The film conveys with some visual power, the effect of the blast and destruction and suffering of the people. Besides all the good qualities of the movie, it is unfortunate that the title of the film will cause confusion for years to come as it shares the same name of a fine and very reliable non-fiction book about the Halifax Explosion: Shattered City by Janet Kitz. According to the sources listed in the bibliography, there is no evidence of German spies in Halifax in World War I during or before the explosion. The Film tells us that there were no surgeons and only two makeshift hospitals until the Americans arrive of trains. There were actually a half dozen hospitals operating the day of the explosion.
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