Assess the Claim That Ethnic Differences in Educational Achievement Are Primarily the Result of School Factors. Essay

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Assess the claim that ethnic differences in educational achievement are primarily the result of school factors. Differences in educational achievement can be demonstrated through ethnicity, this can be for a number of reasons. Write(1992) found that teachers treated and perceived ethnic pupils differently from white pupils. Sewell (1996) said ‘Many people are fearful of black boys.’ This stereotyping could lead to the ‘black boys’ receiving a different teaching approach, therefore a worse education. All the students should be treated equally but African-Caribbean boys have been labeled as unruly, disrespectful, difficult to control and ‘reject the white dominated education system’(O’Donnel 1991). This labeling may lead to self-fulfilling prophecy, and the boys behaviour continuing as they believe the label to be true. George H. Mead believes that labeling theory encourages the educational achievement in different social classes. The labeling theory is when the teacher identifies major characteristics of a student. Research shows that teachers are more likely to label middle class children as 'bright and well behaved' but working class children as 'naughty and disruptive'. Following the label being attached on the child is self fulfilling prophecy, this is when the child will respond and act according to the label being placed on them, so a middle class student will act well behaved and complete the work that is set whereas the working class student will disrupt and not complete the work set and therefore not do well in exams. This shows that labeling working and middle class students affects the educational achievements because of their social class.However George H. Mead can be criticised by material/cultural deprivation. Material deprivation is when the child doesn't have the right equipment for school e.g. books, and cultural deprivation is when the children
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