Asses the View That Processes in School Themselves Are Mainly Responsible for Ethnic Differences in Attaintment?

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Assess the view that processes in school themselves are mainly responsible for ethnic differences in attainment? Several sociologists have a contrast of theories on if the education is mainly responsible for the ethnic differences in attainment. Some recognise that the education is mainly the reason as they continuously place negative labels on ethnic minorities and give them unfair sanctions. However, other sociologist theorise that the cause to this problem are external factors like material deprivation; their families attitude towards education, and several others. Although statistics show that the highest ethnicity whom over achieves in education are Chinese people, it is still very debatable for other ethnicity’s whether the schools process affects their attainment. Bowker doesn’t believe that the processes in school are mainly responsible for ethnic differences in attainment. He assumes it’s due to the cultural deprivation ethnic minorities’ face. Factors like intellectual and linguistic skills creates a huge barrier to the UK education, as ethnic minorities normally lack a standard of English, this is normally due to the fact that English isn’t their first language because it may not always be the language spoke at home thus leading them to gain a poor attainment in school as they face a double burden of attempting to learn English whilst also having to understand the syllabus taught. On the other hand, Gilbon recognises the processes committed in school which create the ethnic differences in attainment, he found that Afro-Caribbean boys were often labelled “unruly” “disrespectful”, they were also more likely to be given detentions than other pupils. This was because teachers misinterpreted their dress and manner of speech as a challenge to their authority. These actions lead these boys to have a self fulfilling prophecy which results in them
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