Asian Mothers Essay

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Asian mothers There is a substantial amount of difference in the question of upbringing of children whether you are in the eastern hemisphere or in the western hemisphere. In the east, parents have a more strict policy towards children than in the west. In Asia it is primarily the women who are in charge of the children’s upbringing where in the west parents see it more as a joint venture. Lu Chin who is an Asian mother is the woman behind the essay “Asian Mothers” which was brought in The Wall Street Journal in January 2011. Lu Chin is arguing for the Asian model of bringing up children with arguments such as most Asian children receives a better result of their education than the Western children. Throughout this essay Lu Chin visualises her opinion on the matter of which model of upbringing is the best, Asian or Western. One statement Lu Chin uses is that Western parents will only make their children do their best therefore it is the children who are in control, where Asian parents demand only the best and failing or coming in second is not an option. Lu Chin lays out three differences between Asian parents and Western parents. The first difference is that Western parents worries a lot of their children’s wellbeing in the form of their self-esteem than Asian parents does. Asian mothers believe that the worst possible thing you could do to a child’s self-esteem is to let them give up and fail. The second difference Lu Chin displays is that Asian parents believe that their children owe them everything and must use their lives to repay and obey them. The third difference originates in Asian parents who put up very strict and firm rules for their children to follow. The rules are not made to harm the children’s childhood, for an example like Chinese daughters who can't have boyfriends in high school and can’t participate in sleep-away camps, but it simply
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