Explain the External Factors to Why Girls Do Better in School Than Boys 12 Marks

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An external factor is a factor in which affects the education system from outside for example home and family. Sociologist argue that the difference between the achievement of each gender is through several external factors , in which are causing girls to achieve better than boys within school, these consist of ; The impacts of feminist; since the 1960’s the feminist movement have challenged the typical stereotype of woman’s roles within society as a mother alongside being a housewife. Feminist still believe they have not yet achieved full equality, however have improved woman’s rights and opportunity’s through the use of laws, as well as this feminism have largely raised expectations and self-esteems of woman. An example of this would be through McRobbie; she took a comparison of girl magazines in the 1970’s and 1990’s. In the 1970’s magazines like Jackie Largely promoted marriage and being a housewife, whereas in the 1990’s magazines took a different approach of personal choice and independence of woman. Alongside this external factor you also have the change within the family. There have been major changes in the family in which have affected achievement such as ;increase within divorce rates, increase within cohabitating couples alongside an increase within the number of lone-parent families( female-headed), ll of these changes have affected a change within the attitudes of girls and their approach towards their education. The belief that there are now more lone parent families in which are headed by woman meaning more woman need to take over within the breadwinner role, which then correlates with making a new role model for girls. An additional external factor in which effects the level of achievement is the changes within employment for woman. The important changes in which have occurred in woman’s employment consist of ; the proportion of woman who are in

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