How Artworks Represent a Visual Language

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Art Essay! “Artworks represent a visual language through signs and symbols that can read.” The definition of the keywords in the sentence above are; an artwork is a personal expression of social comments, aesthetic objects, and functional objects, the creative products and ideas are given a physical form using materials. Visual language is a system of communication through visual elements. Signs are anything which directs the viewers interpretation of an artwork, and symbols are defined as mostly used to represent the artist feelings of something. Lastly the word read is to look at and comprehend the meaning of something. These definitions is why I have come to strongly believe that artworks represent a visual language through signs and symbols that be read by the audience. This can be seen through artworks of such artists like; Frida Kahlo, Trevor Nickoles and Hossein Valamanesh. Frida Kahlo was a woman who has experienced the world slightly different to the “Norm” and has overcome many significant events throughout her life time. A particular artwork “My birth, 1932” is an artwork clone as a part of a series of works about her life, she described this one as “how I imagined I was born” the women represents her mother and the sheet over her mother’s head is symbolic of her mother’s death which was a deliberate action on Kahlo’s part as the death of her mother occurred during the inception of this painting, symbols are again used with the ‘icon’ above the bed this is symbolic of the catholic practices her mother believed in. Kahlo has used the monobrow as a sign for the audience to identify herself as the one being born, she has also used a young kid that is emerging from the mother not a baby to reinforce that it is herself. Very particular actions done by Frida Kahlo to portray the meaning and the emotions of how Frida feels about her birth and life itself,

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