Artifical Insemination Essay

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There are many different controversial issues in the world today, most of which will never be decided whose side is right and whose side is wrong. One of these issues is the procedure known as artificial insemination. Artificial insemination refers to a range of techniques in which the man's sperm is put into the woman's genital tract artificially. Sperm may be placed in the neck of the womb, also called the cervix. This procedure is known as intracervical insemination. Another option is having the sperm placed inside the womb itself, known as intrauterine insemination (NHS Direct). This issue is without doubt one that is important in our world today. Artificial insemination is used every day and many people do not support it, making it an important subject to be aware of. Many people believe it is a perfectly ethical way to assist in infertility and to help women who desire to get pregnant. Others would say, for example, that it is wrong to take God’s work into your own hands and conceive a child through different means than He intended. There are also numerous things that could sway someone either way. For example, someone who has a friend that is infertile might be more biased to approving of artificial insemination, as opposed to someone who does not. Though there are faults with both sides, everybody has their own reasons for supporting or not supporting artificial insemination. The reasons a person would have for opposing artificial insemination could be a number of different things. The most obvious of these reasons would be related to religion. Many churches teach their followers that “it is morally bad for a couple to generate human life by inseminating the wife with sperm provided by a man who is not her husband or by inseminating a woman other than the wife with sperm from the husband…(May, PhD).” This is because it is being done outside of the

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