arguments against businesses

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IDENTIFY SUMMARIZE AND DISCUSS TEN ARGUMENTS AGAINST BUSINESS As much as businesses contribute positively and help the society at large, they also have some disadvantages. These are actions that as a result of businesses impact negatively on the society. Firstly businesses take part in the distribution of harmful goods e.g. various kinds of drugs that are abused by consumers. These include illegal drugs that are smuggled to get to the end user. The drug illegal drugs industry is known to make a lot of money hence desperate people might opt to join it. But these drugs have a negative effect to the economy since they reduce the production capability of the user. These drugs mostly lead to addiction and eventually adversely affect the health of the user leaving them in need of health services. They may also lead the user into committing offences so as to get money to buy more. It is only through businesses that these drugs are made available to the users in the first place. Another disadvantage of businesses is the risk taken in investment in starting the firm. If the business collapses or fails to generate enough money to cover its expenses all the capital invested will be lost hence the risk realized. If the business wasn’t insured, the stakeholders in the business will lose everything. This may also happen if the organization was placed in a competitive business environment. But in cases where businesses have been insured, this kind of problem is not experienced. Also through businesses, destructive and harmful goods find their way to the market. These include weapons which can cause harm and evil to the society. Trafficking of guns and other weapons to the society leads to rise in crime levels. Consequently the rise in crime levels leads to the countrywide economy dropping significantly. Corruption is also a problem caused by businesses. Corruption is the
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