Argumentitive Essay on the use of speed cameras

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Speed cameras have been debated on for quite some time. Whether they are around for the public’s safety or to gather a large amount of money for the government is the issue. I myself believe that they do help save lives and lessen accidents, but receive negative press as they also collect a lot of money from people who don’t believe that they were in the wrong. Speed cameras do save lives and help reduce accidents. From government figures published in 2005 which covered over 4200 speed cameras across the UK, they showed a drop in accidents by 22%, they also showed a major drop of 42% in fatal accidents. The speed cameras themselves are acknowledged as saving 100 lives per year according to government figures. They have lowered speeds and also lowered the risks for motorists and pedestrians alike. The places where these cameras are placed as a result of accidents and named ‘notorious accident black spots’, if a camera is placed in one of these ‘black spots’ and the number of accidents decrease the camera is deemed a success and it remains there for quite some time as a security measure. A ‘black spot’ is defined by the government as a location here 8 accidents have occurred in the last 3 years in which 4 of these must be serious. Some claim that some of the cameras may be unnecessary, as it may have been a fluke or freak weather conditions that caused the accidents, as it was of no real fault of the driver. Then there are those on the ‘other side’ that claim that speed cameras are only really by the roads to help raise money for the government, Government figures indicate that there are 7935 speed cameras in the UK as of 2005, with some stretches of motorway having as many as 31 speed cameras on them. On average there are 1.8 million speeding tickets issued each year which collects a fairly large amount of money, in 2006 the money collected via speeding

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