Argumentative Essay: America's Controversy

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America’s Controversy. Alena Cabeen When the word America is said what pops into your mind? Baseball, football, hot dogs, or apple pie? What about gay marriage and abortion? Do those words pop into your mind? As an Indiana teenager, and knowing what the media has solely told me, I support same sex marriage. However, I do not agree with abortion. Why abort an unborn child? That child has every right to live and grow up. As of now Indiana’s state law does not allow same sex marriage. While the General Assembly supports the change to this amendment, this issue will not be brought up until November 2014 (1). Freedom Indiana (a small organization) has made a campaign against this amendment, and is gettisng money and support from a local organization called Eli Lilly and Co, while getting support from Ohio based company Cummins Inc (1). The public is always changing their attitudes on same sex marriage, and the lawmakers are paying attention to that (1). "I think the times have changed, as have people's attitudes toward it," said Sen. Thomas Wyss,…show more content…
Though there are certain rules you have to follow. In Indiana abortion is legal for the whole pregnancy (3). If you’re under 18 you must have parental consent (3). Also, before the woman has an abortion done the counselor has to give the woman a choice if she would like to have an ultrasound, and if she would like to hear the baby’s heartbeat (3). This was not the first time Planned Parenthood has brought Indiana into a lawsuit (5). In fact, this is the third time (5). So far Planned Parenthood has 2 wins and Indiana has 1 (5). Indiana’s victory came in 2003, that battle came after an 8 year lawsuit (5). This happened after women had to make two trips 18 hours apart just to visit Planned Parenthood (5). The only reason the women had to do this was because they had to hear government information Governor Mike Pence signed into law

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