Argumentative Essay About Illegal Immigration

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Angelica Moreira Garcia English 101 03/24/2013 Essay 1 : Argumentative Essay Illegal Immigration Is A Bad Thing In recent years, Illegal immigration has been one of the main problems that the United States has been currently dealing with, as millions of people choose to illegally cross borders. There are two opposite groups in this debate. One group of people argue that illegal immigrants deserves rights. Meanwhile, the other critics argue that illegal immigrants represent a threat to America. Indeed, although illegal immigration is often argued to not have a negative impact, recent studies and social trends suggest that illegal immigration has been represented as a social, economic, and criminal threat to American society. In particular, in their respective articles, Star Parker, Michael Tezlrow, and Roger McGrath demonstrate that illegal immigrants claim civil rights even though they are illegal, take American jobs, and provide cover for organized crime. Accordingly to Star Parker, Illegal immigrants claim civil rights even though they are illegal. In her essay “ Se habla Entitlement”, Parker argues that, “ Last year the Pew Hispanic Center surveyed adults in Mexico and asked them if they would come to the United States if they had the means and opportunity to do so. Forty-six percent responded yes. Almost half of Mexican adults said…show more content…
In fact, illegal immigrants are not allow to claim civil rights because they are already criminals by crossing the border illegally. They also hurt the U.S economy by increasing unemployment and lowering job demand. Furthermore, they commit crimes leaving a life of fear and mocking justice by changing their names. Illegal immigrants are criminals and represent a threat to American
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