Ares God of War

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Greek God Ares Ares is the greek god of war. Unlike the goddess Athena, who's intelligence created focus on military strategies, Ares represented the violent side of war. The greeks had mixed feelings on Ares. They believed that though he met the qualifications to be successful in war, he may have been too dangerous. They thought that he was too savage like because he exemplified unmerciful behavior. There was even some doubt of his abilities because he was depicted to be on the losing side of the trojan war. Ares is one of the twelve olympians and is the son of Zeus (god of lightning) and Hera (goddess of love and marriage). His father Zeus said to him that he was the god that was the most hateful in his eyes. Anything that was associated with Ares was viewed as a destructive military quality. This is the main reason why many greeks thought of Ares as a bizarre force. The name Ares derives from the Greek word ἀρή which means imprecation or curse. The name is believed to be a form of an ancient noun meaning war. The earliest form of the name appeared in Mycenean Greek and was spelled a-re. There is also a connection between Ares and the Romans. This is because their god Mars is said to be Ares counter part. Many greek civilizations at the time, considered Ares to be too barbaric. He was associated with the Thracians who were extremely warlike people. The home to the Thracians, Thrace is deemed as Ares birthplace. It is also believed that it was Ares place of refuge after his affair with Aphrodite because he was mocked by many of the other gods. This was mentioned in the Lliad and the Odyssey and it was basically said by Zeus that Ares showed cowardness during the Trojan war because of the wounds and the complaining Ares showed after fighting. Unlike the other civilizations at the time, Sparta viewed Ares as an almighty powerful god that
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