Are Your Different by Mia Francis

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Are you different? By Mia Francis Analysis This story depicts Mia Francis Journey of mothering her adopted Pilipino son Ricky in Australia more specifically suburban Adelaide and later on regional Victoria. The tittle “Are you different” sets the rhythm of the story and gives you a sense of the challenges ahead for Ricky. The story is told in from Mia’s point of it captures the strong mother bond that Mia has with her son and the effects that Racism and prejudice have on Ricky. Mia Francis’s story begins in the Philippines where Mia and her husband adopt a 3 year Filipino boy named Ricky from an orphanage and bring him home to Adelaide. The couple raise Ricky as an Australian. Mia justifies this by stating that raising him in his Asian heritage would have been a falsehood as it would have been an Australian version of the Filipino Culture. They try to keep him involved in Filipino ways and traditions by taking him to cultural events, but the older he gets the less he seems to care. The family move to regional Victoria which is predominantly mono-cultural as Ricky enters his teenage years where he begins high school. He is the subject of much racism and prejudice being called “ching-chong Chinanaman” and “dirty black nigger” but he never lashed out. Francis describes the day where Ricky had had enough and punched another student and threw him in the rubbish bin. She tells us how after that event, Ricky gained much more respect from his fellow students and made many friends. When Ricky turns 18 he returns to the Philippines with Mia and her husband to understand where he really is from and to find his real parents. The story addresses the issue of Racism and belonging, Ricky is born in the Philippines but is raised in Australia by his adoptive family where he often forgets who he really is. He gradually loses interest in the background and culture that he’s
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