Alibrandi 'And Romulus My Father'

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BELONGING is a fundamental need shared by all people; it involves their relationships with the world and other people. BELONGING relates to: > Place > Culture > Faith > Social Group > Institution > Time >Self and perception of self The two related texts Looking for Alibrandi and a Walk to Remember deal with BELONGING in relation to culture, social group (family), institution, and self. These two texts will be examined first then compared to my prescribed text Romulus My Father to show how the different concepts of BELONGING have been portrayed and have shaped my understanding through various language and visual techniques. Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta is about Josephine Alibrandi who is a second generation Italian…show more content…
This shows a sense of BELONGING to culture and family and self. This is taken from a monologue at the end of the novel and is written to show personal thoughts. The combination of short and long sentences helps convey the meaning and emotion of the words on the page.” I’ll fight with all my might to see that nothing tears my family apart…I figured out it doesn’t matter wether I’m Josephine Andretti who was never an Alibrandi… It matters who I feel like I am… “ The concept of BELONGING is shaped and shown through the narrator’s first person perspective and emotional words. The visual features and techniques in A Walk To Remember are the effective way through which the concept of BELONGING are portrayed very little is said by the characters in relation to BELONGING and not BELONGING. The main way that the concept of not BELONGING is conveyed is through the clothing, music and settings surrounding th 2 main characters. A Walk to Remember is the story of 2 people Jamie and Landon and it is set up to show parts of their separate lives as well as part of their joined lives. In the movie there are 3 distinct sections each shown through lighting, costume, music and…show more content…
In a Walk to Remember, Jamie and Landon start to spend more time together and eventually fall in love. This causes Landon to separate himself from his original friends so that he can be with Jamie “Well, you know you got Belinda thinking that little lip action between you and Jamie was real… It's like you don't even have time for your real friends anymore”. This shows that Landon is choosing to BELONG to Jamie, visually this is conveyed through a closer similarity in clothes, music and actions, the distinction is not verbalised but shown. The main ways that BELONGING is shown and shaped in A Walk to Remember is through the visual features rather than through spoken word. Romulus My Father is set in 1950’s Post war Australia and is about a young boy and is family in their struggle to adapt to Australian life style. The book is a memoir written by the son after his father (Romulus)’s death. The book deals with not BELONGING to place and culture both of which are issues brought up in Looking for Alibrandi (Culture) and A Walk to Remember (place). The title of the book indicates it is about a person’s father, which can lead the reader to believe it will be about their life and the struggles they faced, in this book the main struggle faced was finding BELONGING in Australia. The main themes of the book

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