Are Humans Shaped by Hereditary or Human Experiences?

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Are Humans Shaped by Heredity or Life Experiences? No matter how much people research this question, there is no exact science to it. Humans are shaped by both heredity and life experiences, probably more life experience though. Everyone has different DNA and different genes that make them more likely to be sports inclined, or academically inclined; but everyone also lives different lives than their parents and their friends that make them who they are. The genetic build-up of everyone is for the most part the same, except for the little bits that make us, us. Depending on your parents genetics you might have certain natural talents. Some people have the body build to play sports, naturally born athletes because of their heredity. While others are born with academic smarts, people are just naturally born with the brain that makes school come easily. These qualities I think are the base of personalities, everyone builds who they are off of these little details. Humans have friends who are similar to them, who have the same interests as them, and the people you choose to hang around will change your personality. Although heredity does have as much impact on personality as life experiences do, it is still the basis of it. Everyone will go through life changing experiences, some will completely change who you are. These are part of the experiences that will shape humans' personalities. The way your brought up really starts the personality growth. Family is a huge part of your life until you start school and start making friends. Before knowing all of your friends, you probably had a different personality, not completely different though. The way you are around your family is different than that of your friends. When you start to make friends, people are more concerned with what others think, especially in the younger years. Who you hang out with changes your

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