How Does One Survive High School?

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High school. Most people go through it. Some survive, others, well let's just say they don't come out exactly the same. For almost everyone who goes, it's a strange and scary period of life. You learn a lot about yourself. You may or may not find your true friends, your true love, but you sure as hell find yourself. But how do we survive? Charles Darwin's theory of the Survival of the Fittest is oddly but definitely applicable to the phenomenon known as high school. Teenagers adapt to their surroundings in order to live, and in a non conventional sense, reproduce. The adaptations they have to make are a little different, however in a sense, it does include shedding one's skin and growing a new, possibly tougher one. High school students have to adapt to socially constructed levels; height, sexuality, weight, grades, social life, socio-economic standards, the list goes on. In essence, they survive by changing themselves, whether for better or for worse. For most teenagers, school is as much a popularity contest as it is an opportunity to further one's education, maybe even more so. Students have to keep up an appearance and a social life, however problems can arise, due to restrictions put in place by parents, schools, laws etc. A teenager wanting to dye her hair blue would raise her parent's concern, a more serious example is if a teenager was involved in illegal drugs, law enforcement may be involved. Though it may seem unhelpful to say this, a teenager changing themselves is probably the only way they will survive, however what's to say they won't naturally change of their own accord? It is common knowledge that change is unavoidable, and teenagers being the hormonal creatures that they are, they are bound to alter their personality and appearance purposely or subconsciously. Change is inevitable, and is the how you will survive high school. Keep

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