Are Cellular Phones a Blessing Or Curse? Essay

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ARE CELLULAR PHONES A BLESSING OR CURSE? Are Cellular Phones a Blessing or Curse? Freda Covington Colorado Technical University Online ENG116-0901A-13 Holly Callender January 30, 2009 Abstract In the past weeks, I have created several different documents for my company. The editors have gotten a positive response for my work, and now I am being asked to create a model research paper. I have agreed to accept this challenge, and create the idea model research paper. This model research paper will examine the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones. In 1809 Samuel Morse telegraph was the first to send messages by electricity; this was the cornerstone for all cell phone history. After the invention of the telegraph ideas started pouring in throughout history, and with this came the idea for the invention of the first cellular phone in 1973, which finally led to what we know today as the cell phone. (Marples, 2008) Today’s cell phones are compact, convenient, stylish, and they have many features; a person can perform several tasks and some choose to do this while driving. This will be the focus of this essay, the pros and cons of using a cellular phone. Cellular phones come in many shapes and designs, and you can perform many tasks with these little innovative wireless devices. Today’s cellular phone has many functions such as clock, alarm, calculator, one touch/speed dialing, hands free headset/Bluetooth, and texting just to name a few. These devices also come with many features such as camera, web access, voice memo, preloaded games and that is just to name a few. These little devices or portable and they will allow you to send a text message, fax, or email from just about anywhere, and you can surf the internet, play games, and chat with your buddies. Cellular phones do come in handy, but not when you are driving, and now we will look

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