Nt1310 Unit 1 Assignment 1

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Cell Phones: Cell phones are both used for voice and data communications. A cell phone now can either make phone calls or browse the web. Cell phones can be used for almost anything now days. Landline Phones: A Landline phone will mainly be used for voice communications. Some landline phones may have caller ID. These phones typically will have data sent over Phone lines and can be considered data communications. SMS / Text Messaging: SMS messaging or texting is really only known to be data communications. SMS stands for short message system. You can SMS not only on a cell phone but also on the internet. Fax Machines: Fax machines are great machines that have come to be huge in the world. They are a fast great way to send a copy of anything really fast over a landline. They are commonly only data communications with some using both voice and data. Pagers: Pagers are no doubt a data communications. A voice pager has been invented over time that sends a voice message instead of a SMS. A pager may also be known as a beeper. VOIP Phones: VoIP phones are a pretty new way to make phone calls. they use an ip address instead of analog signals. Most people would instantly assume it is voice communications but in fact it is data communications mainly because it sends voice fragments over the internet via TCP/IP, hence the name voice over IP. Skype / Facetime: Skype and Facetime have allowed us to not only speak but also see people over the internet. These amazing things use both voice communications and data communications much like voIP does. Data sends these voice and video fragments over the
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