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207.1 – Connect To the Internet 06/10/2014 Hayden Scott 1.1 - Identify different types of connection methods that can be used to access the Internet; There is many ways to connect to the internet. Each method has its downfalls and also its advantages. Here are some methods that will allow you access to the internet. * ADSL - Asymmetric digital subscriber line. Connection through traditional phone lines. * Cable - Only available in TV areas. * Fibre broadband - Only available in certain areas. * Mobile internet – When moved away from one fixed location. Access mechanisms are; mobile broad band over 3G or 4G network. Also Public/private Wii-FI * LAN- Local area network. (On the same network) * Modem- Middle man from provider to device. * Wireless - The use of radio or microwave signals, instead of cables. * WAP- Wireless application protocol. Web browsers for mobile devices that use the protocol. * DSL - digital service line. Used to bring high bandwidth instead of ADSL. * VPN – Virtual private network. Allows users to remote connect to their network securely. 1.2 - Identify the benefits and drawbacks of the connection method used; Here are the benefits and drawbacks of the connections that have been named. ADSL benefits. 1. ADSL provides the ability to enable talking on the phone while using the internet. 2. Provides faster download speeds than integrated service for digital network, (ISDN). 3. ADSL doesn’t need to transfer data from digital to analogue and back again. 4. Connection from ADSL are always on, (allows quicker access to information on the internet) ADSL disadvantages. 1. Not everybody is available to have ADSL. You need to be within three miles of ADSL enables exchange. 2. You will also need an ADSL modem and filters to allow you to use this service.

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