Nt1210 Chapter 7

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Homework Chapter 7 1. Enter www.kyocera-wireless.com and view the demos. What is a smart phone? What are its capabilities? How does it differ from a regular cell phone? Answer A smart phone is a cellular device that that offers many more features than a regular cellphone. A smart phone consists of features that a computer may have. It has access to the internet, e-mail, variety of applications, custom software like Microsoft Office, bigger storage device for music, pictures and videos; whereas a regular cellphone may not have those functions. It’s like having a portable computer and cellphone as a single device with the same functions. Smartphones are generally bigger in size, consists with a touchscreen or complete keyboard with…show more content…
It has a secure streaming of HLS or Apple Live stream. It also streams protocol and progressive downloads. Ultraviolet is the support service, it also supports video formats like mpeg-4 and as well as audio formats like AAC and MP3. The next product is available to many different platforms like Mac, Windows and etc. This product is called the “The TwonkyServer” helps share media from mobile networks to home networks. It is reinforcement of WebDav appliances and applications. This gadget adapts to many diverse protocols. Easily accustoms to a variety of services, which may be online. This also has a digital media player, which grants you to control playbacks. The Twonky Mobile Application is an application on phones, which is a video service . This Web portals grants customers permission to use these video services more then once after the purchase is made it can be opened from anywhere, not only your mobile phone. This also help you connect with your friends through social media. | | 5. Research the status of 3G and 4G cellular service by visiting www.itu.int and www.4g.co.uk and www.3gnewsroom.com. Prepare a report (one paragraph) on the status of 3G and 4G service based on your findings. Answer 3G network is very advanced smart phone which has a variety of functions such as web browsing, instant messaging, access to emails, it give you option and allows you to download music, these functions are also similar to the functions of the 4G. The difference between the two are that the 3g speeds can usually reach up around 3 mbps wheres as the 4g has an average speed around

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