Apush Quiz Ch 39

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CHAPTER 39 The Stalemated Seventies, 1968-1980 IV. SINGLE-ANSWER MULTIPLE CHOICE. Mark the one best answer for each of the following questions. 1. One reason for the end of the postwar economic boom in the 1970s was a. the entry of large numbers of women in the work force. b. the Arab oil embargo. c. a decline in technological innovation. d. a lack of government safety and health regulations. e. a drastic decline in worker productivity. 2. Lyndon Johnson’s insistence on fighting the Vietnam War and finding the Great Society with a tax increase to pay for them led to a. a drastic inflation of prices in the 1970s. b. a decline in the competitive advantage of American business. c. severe cutbacks in the size of the federal government. d. a taxpayer revolt. e. a growing reliance on overseas trade to sustain the American economy. 3. The poor economic performance of the 1970s brought an abrupt end to a. American reliance on Middle Eastern oil. b. the Social Security and Medicare programs for the elderly. c. the increases in military spending of the 1960s. d. the liberal dream that affluent American could spend its way to social justice. e. reliance on the dollar as a stable international currency. 4. The Nixon Doctrine proclaimed that the United States would a. honor its existing defense commitment, but that in the future its allies would have to fight their own wars without large numbers of American troops. b. supply only economic aid to its allies. c. seek detente with the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China. d. intervene to help its allies fight communism only if the United States was allowed to send American troops. e. maintain naval and air bases in East Asia but not put troops on the Asian mainland. 5. Perhaps Richard Nixon’s most
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