Essay On Ronald Reagan Foreign Policy

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Ronald Reagan Foreign Policy When Reagan became president he began with only one well-defined foreign policy; he wanted to contain the Soviet Union. He wanted to stop them from growing any bigger and wanted to make sure that other countries did not become Communist. He didn’t like how relaxed President Nixon and President Ford had been to try to ease the relationship with the Soviets. He thoroughly believed that the Soviets were taking advantage of how relaxed the United States of America had been. Reagan thought that the United States needed to prepare its military defense systems just in case the Soviets decided to nuke the Americans. He believed that military preparedness would lead to and achieve peace among the countries. Reagan, with the help of his advisors and his two administrations, developed this Cold War Strategy. They spent billions of dollars…show more content…
The Reagan administration were against abortion, and cut many programs to assist mothers, children, and minorities. Reagan’s administration was mainly made up by white males. Reagan hoped that Sandra Day O’connor to the Supreme Court during his time in office would help increase his popularity and likability with the female voters, but it did not say much to the women of america. During the late 1970’s and most of the 1980’s, the United States was in a deep recession. Prices were peaked at their highest, inflation was high, and many americans were out of work. Americans demanded a change. Reagan entered his presidency with goals. He wanted to reduce both the size and role of government in the US. His agenda focused on cutting taxes, balancing the budget, and withdrawing support from social welfare programs, and returning some power the state governments. Reagan believed that if these goals were accomplished, that the federal government would save billions of dollars and help stimulate the
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