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In the 1600s, the English came to present day America in hopes of settling. The east coast was divided into three regions- the Northern, Middle, and Southern colonies. The two main colonies were the New England (in the North) and Chesapeake (in the South) colonies. The early New England and Chesapeake colonies of the 1600s were two distinctly different societies. They had different religious views, governments, and economies. Intro is too short. More background information on the time period is needed. While the Chesapeake was mainly based on land and slave ownership, the New England colonies were based on religion. They were primarily Puritan, or Non Separatists, and were radical, or intolerant to other religions. The colonies also practiced theocracy, which was a government based on religion. In Springfield, Massachusetts, 1636 the Articles of Agreement stated that those whose names were underwritten agreed to the articles that formed a society around God and religion (doc. D). These were signed to enter the new colonies. You are simply paraphrasing here; what point are you trying to make about New England society? Make the point and then use the documents to back it up. A minister, Joseph Hull, also came with other emigrants bound for New England (doc. B), along with his many children. While aboard the Arbella, John Winthrop wrote A Model of Christian Charity, 1630 (doc. A). This sermon said that God wanted them to all work together as one even though they all had their differences. If they did not, God would turn from them and they would have an example made of them. Religion was to also be kept in mind during the setting of wages and price regulations (doc. E). Religion was important in the Chesapeake, as well, but not as important as it was in the New England colonies. While New England was Puritan, the Chesapeake colonies were primarily Anglican. Emigrants
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