Puritans Dbq Essay

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During the time of the protestant reformation, many English Puritans grew resentful of the newly developed religious features, differed from their way of life. Many of them chose to settle elsewhere in order to create their own utopian society. With the same intentions, a group of Puritans settled in the Virginia colony area, which was later known as the New England colonies. The Puritans’ values and ideas will deeply root in the colony and affect the colony’s economic, social, and political development since their arrival in 1630. The puritan society is an orderly, tightly knitted model of a holy community. The tradition puritan village was centered around the Town Hall and the Church as religion was held on top of everything in the society (B). They believed that the limitations of themselves were determined by god, as John Cotton stated “it is therefore fit for every man to be studious of the bounds which the Lord has set” (H). The need to educate the youth and to pass on the knowledge of god was stressed in order for future generations to be included in the holy community as well (E). The community lived under a strict code where pleasure is not allowed as people were expected to put all their heart out for the Lord while working hard to gain the Lord’s approval. Developed as a colony with the purpose of trade and as an enrichment of the motherland, the Puritans held their religious beliefs before anything. As John Higginson reminded the community that “ […]this is never to be forgotten that New England is originally a plantation of Religion, not a Plantation of Trade.” (J). The puritans built their economy off of trade and through acquiring land from the Native Indians through violence. Such actions were defended by the explanation that they were obligated to defend this land, this land that god has granted them for (D). Reflecting over the puritan
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